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PDS Services

Full Aesthetic Models - Equipped with state of the art CNC machinery and a world class workshop, PDS has all the tools and skill to create scale models with precision and care. We strive to push our creative energy beyond the industry standards.

FDM Printing or Fused Deposition Modeling - This is an additive manufacturing process. The printer uses melted material in a predetermined path to build up layers until you get the finished product. A thermoplastic filament is threaded through the machine and then heated to its melting temperature. After, the filament is fed through a nozzle and layered using a X,Y, and Z axis system.

Custom CNC Machined Parts - Quick-turn CNC machining works best for prototyping, form and fit testing, jigs and fixtures, and functional components for end-use applications.

Prototype Tooling - At PDS we strive to create life-like models of the product that you want to create. Our standard of quality is at the peak of the industry and our employees are well-trained to create the product that's right for you.


Stamping Tools - We are equipped to create the most complex metal components for production of high-quality stamping tools. We provide metal stamping with rapid-turnaround and world-class quality.


Ren Mock-Ups - We create premium quality ren board mock ups for all of your product design needs. Creating a ren mockup will give you a scale model with high durability and life-like feel.


Wood Fabrication - Working with a full wood-fabrication workshop, our employees can create pieces unique to our clients need whether it be standard or unique.


Custom Painting - We are specialized in top quality painting with a state of the art painting booth. Our team is dedicated to create the product you want with perfect color matching from basic to outrageous.

Wally 2

Full aesthetic models, CNC machined parts, prototype tooling, stamping tools, ren mockups, wood fabrication, and custom painting.

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